Here are answers to some of my most frequently asked questions~

1. Are the bouquets flowers ready to ship?

No, (unless items are noted READY TO SHIP). Because my work is custom I create your flowers once they are ordered. Processing time depends on the item(s) and my current schedule. You'll find my current schedule at the top of the page and in the Availability section under Custom Orders. I do take rush orders if my schedule permits, Please see below for more info on custom orders.

2. Do you take custom orders?

YES! In fact 99% of my work is custom and made to order for each wedding and event. Interested in a custom order? Here is what I'll need from you:
- Wedding date
- Flower collection
- How many pieces (or the # in your party and I can assist with who needs what)
- Wedding theme (so I can assist with details)
- How far in advance of your wedding you would like your items (so I can check with my current schedule/turn around time)

You can find my custom order form here

3. Are the flowers "real"?

- Well technically no. Sola flowers are made from soft balsa wood (Sola flowers are handmade. They are naturally cream/ivory in color. While they are made from wood they are quite soft, and natural looking. Since each flower is handmade no two flowers are exactly the same and natural variation will occur. That variation is what makes each item so unique and beautiful. These flowers will last a lifetime with the right care. Please keep away from open flame, do not allow prolonged contact with liquids, and keep these delicate items looking beautiful with careful handling. If traveling with your flowers please place back into the same packaging that they were shipped in to prevent crushing and damage). I also work with silk flowers, paper/parchment flowers and all of my fillers (babies breath, caspia, etc) are preserved. 

4. Will these flowers last?

- Yes, for a very very very long time if taken care of properly (handle with care, keep away from open flame and prolonged contact with liquids).

5. Do sola wood flowers come in white?

- Not a true white. The flowers are naturally an ivory to cream color because of the material that they are made out of. Silk flowers are available in white. 

6. What colors do sola flowers come in?

- Any color under the sun (other than pure/true white). I dye the flowers by hand to match your wedding/event colors.

7. How long will my order take?

- Custom orders vary in the amount of time needed. Please see my current processing times and contact me here about a custom order. Sometimes I have ready to ship pieces available. Those pieces are not customizable and are generally ready to ship within 1-3 days.

8. Do you ship international?

- Yes! I ship world wide. My designs have been to every corner of the globe. Please contact me with your country and I'm happy to quote you shipping rates.

9. Do I have to put down a deposit?

- Yes. On custom orders I require a 50% deposit to secure your reservation to cover my cost of supplies. The remaining balance is due once your order is complete and after I've sent lots of pictures to ensure your complete satisfaction.  Please see my policies for more information.

10. How do I know what my flowers will look like?

- I send lots of pictures on your custom order. And I work closely with you to ensure that I understand your vision, wedding theme, and details to make sure that your keepsake pieces will last a lifetime.

11. Will these work for my destination wedding?

- Yes (but please check with your destination regarding outside packages and customs clearance) they will. These flowers don't need water and they won't die. They're perfect to take care of in advance of your wedding. Please see my policies for more information regarding the care and transport of your flowers.

12. Do you do rush orders?

Yes, but please contact me for availability. If my schedule allows a rush order I'm happy to accommodate.

13. I'm not sure what I want my flowers to look like, can you help?

- Yes and I would LOVE to! Just give me your details that you have so far and I can work with you to create the perfect custom flowers.

14. Do you make more than just bouquets?

- I sure do. I can deck out the entire wedding party and take care of the decor as well. I make boutonnieres, corsages, kissing balls, centerpieces, hair accessories, jewelry, doggy collars, etc.....

15. Schedule

My busiest time of year is April-September, in order to be added to my schedule I require a 50% deposit.

Still have questions? Email me at curiousfloral@gmail.com to chat!