Custom order for Sabrina

$ 352.50

This is a custom order for Sabrina:

~Luxe Collection- ivory and blush sola wood peonies, faux eucalyptus (seeded, willow, silver dollar), stem wrap: ivory lace overlay on top of burlap with ivory pearl finish~

1 large bridal bouquet (10" diam): $160

5 bridesmaid bouquets (7" diam): $425 (85/ea)

8 boutonnieres: $88 (11/ea)

2 corsages (1 pinned, 1 wrist): $32 (16/ea)

TOTAL: $705 + S&H

San Ramon, CA 

August 24, 2019 wedding

Complete in early July

Please purchase one (1) listing to make your 50% deposit (no later than 2/27/19). I will send approval photos of your flowers before requesting the final payment. Your final payment (remaining 50% + S&H) will be due before your flowers ship. 

Please see my policies for additional information on custom orders

Thank you for your business, I'm excited to be a small part of your big day! Please contact me with any questions or changes. 

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